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Morning Fitness Routine

Good morning, students!
Did you get enough sleep? We hope so! It’s time to get our bodies moving so we can tackle the rest of the day.
Exercise gets the blood flowing and increases the amount of oxygen that travels to our brains. It also releases a special chemical in our bodies: endorphins!
This release of endorphins increases focus for up to 10 hours!
Endorphins are also great for improving mood, especially in children working on anger and/or anxiety.
Those “feel good” chemicals will make the rest of the day MUCH easier for both children and adults!
Parents, did you know that just a few minutes of movement in the morning can increase your child’s muscle strength and, in turn, increase their endurance? This makes it easier for them to keep their energy going sustained until it’s time for bed!
Kids, what are YOU having for breakfast today? Make sure you eat enough to make it through the next activity!

Fun Sports Drills

You don’t need to be an athlete to participate in our fun and effective daily sports drills!
Kids are bursting with energy. Let’s use that energy to build strength and confidence in our bodies!
This continuation of our exercise program will help kids develop the ability to do more complex skills, like running for long periods, participating in high-endurance sports, or playing games with friends!
Increase speed, agility, and reaction time!

Parents, we know some of your kiddos shutter at the word “sports.” That’s why we’ve disguised our drills as fun, engaging activities that will also help your child’s personal development!
Ready to be surprised by your child’s new activities? It only takes one spark!
Now that our bodies are warmed up let’s put our minds at work!
Who’s ready to get creative?

The Artistic Mind

Anyone can be an artist!
What kind of art do YOU like to do?
Music? Painting? Cooking? Acting? We’ll cover it all!
Our program uses art as a vehicle for expression, creativity, communication, and personal development.
What’s on your child’s mind? This program allows them to express their ideas in a way that truly belongs to them.
Different types of art can reveal a child’s thoughts, feelings, and interests. This program will promote visual, motor, and creative development with an inspiring, underlying message.
Learn essential skills like goal setting, respect, hard work, discipline, honor, patience, anger, and so much more.
What a day! Who’s ready to wind down?

Night Time 
Yoga/Meditation Routine

Okay, friends! It’s our favorite time of day…
Time to get ready for a night of good sleep and happy dreams!
Parents, we know getting to sleep can be a struggle. Nightmares and stress can come about from homeschooling, changes in routine, and general childhood fears.
Let’s transform those fears into a relaxing routine for your child!
We’ll go over several poses, stretches, and breathing exercises that soothe the body and put the mind at ease.
Did you know that calming the nervous system with controlled breathing can provide a vast amount of benefits?
Kids, let’s make the end of our day PERFECT so we can wake-up fresh and ready for our morning routine!

BONUS! Your Child's Inner Entrepreneur

Kids – if you could start your VERY OWN business,
what would YOU do?
This BONUS COURSE will give your child the aspiration to become an entrepreneur!
The world is changing the way it educates our children. It’s okay if you didn’t expect those changes! Parents need to adjust to things they simply can’t predict continually.
Let’s make sure your kids are ALSO prepared for change!
We’ll include business ideas, personalized website pages, and opportunities to innovate, create, and solve new problems.
These skills will help your child through ANY new or unfamiliar experience. Who knows what they could be inspired to do!
Wish these skills were taught in school? We do, too!
That’s why we created this BONUS program to give your child a huge advantage! Let them use their talents to change the world.

Private Community 
For Members

Parents, do you feel like your efforts are going unnoticed?
Join our Private Member Community for the rewards AND affirmation you deserve!
We all like to be rewarded. During your course, you and your child will have the chance to participate in additional challenges and activities that can earn them points!
What can you do with your points?
On top of the rewards of the program, you’ll get access to a community of like-minded parents who want to see their children succeed -- just like you!
Once you’re on our list, we’ll provide you with a special link to join in on the FUN!
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